Thursday, June 2, 2011

June, 2

Tuesday night was a rough night for me, I was very sick & vomitted most of the night. The next day I was too weak to complete my physical therapy session. I was unable to eat hardly anything. Towards the afternoon, I began to feel a little better. James & Jamie  stopped by again. Frank & Barbara stopped by for a visit too, they bought me a bag of "smellies"(lotion, hand sanitizer, and lip balm), along with some homemade cookies - I believe baked by Pam & Laura...yum yum.

Last night was a reply of the night before, no sleep. My Occupational Therapist got me out of bed at 7am.. She made sure that I was able to dress myself, which I did with a little wiggling :-)
While I was trying to get into the wheelchair, I fell on my therapist, & pushed her into the curtain - luckily, she caught me & helped me into the chair. She took it easy on me during our session, no standing excercises.

Right after breakfast, I had physical therapy for 1 1/2 hours. I was still dizzy, but wanted to continue on,Wheww, they definitely pushed me! I walked 50 ft with modified crutches, and a little help every now & then from my therapist. My arms are really tired now. They are pushing me harder than most because they say I am young & they don't want me getting comfortable with a walker. I'm glad they are pushing me.
I also walked up & down 4 steps - no help needed going up & only needed help on the 1st step going down. I'm making slow progress right now, but once I get my dizziness under control, watch out!

My doctor sais that my team's goal for me leaving here is Juine 15th =-a lot of work to do in a short period. Once I leave here, I will have to go to day therapy every day for a few months....Shelly gets to go to camp :-D

Henry Parker & Donna Vrable stopped by to visit today. Dotty Brewer stopped by also. She told me that I was on her church's prayer list & gave me a copy. I am blessed to have so many people praying for my full recovery. Sgt. Douglas dropped by shortly after she left. It was great seeing him & being told that my job is still there for me. He also gave me a card & book(that I have been wanting to read) from John Kuykendal, Leslie Stewart, and their four-legged babies.

James bought me fresh fruit & potato soup. After dinner, he signed me out & took me for a stroll around the hospital. It felt so good going outside & breathing fresh air!!!!! He is so good to me.

Well, my doctor is going to change my meds tonight, so hopefully I will have a quiet night - keep your fingers crossed!


  1. It was so much fun going on our field trip around the parking lot. Next time we will hop in the truck and take a quick trip to Capital Ale House and hope we don't get caught. You are my rock and you make me so happy to watch your daily improvements. All my LOVE

  2. I want to go on that next field trip! HA!HA! (and yum yum!) Sorry you had such a rough couple of nights, Shelly. Keeping my fingers crossed for you tonight. But, I AM glad to hear of the further progress with physical therapy, and that you've got some great therapists helping and pushing you. Keep pushing and getting better! Hope to see you soon! Love ya!