Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4th

I slept ok last night. James came by early and sat in on both of my sessions - occupational & physical therapy. In occupational therapy, I did some standing arm excercises...then, I was finally able to take a shower!!!! I was so excited to wash my stinky hair! James helped me - he was signed off on one of the care-takers task :-)
He sat with me during lunch, then I had physical therapy. I walkes 170 ft with the walker - I fell trying to get back into my chair, my therapist caught me though. I practiced walking sideways - going left was ok, but I had a ore difficult time going right. Then I had balance excercises - eek! I had to stand on a wobbly board & tap each end 20 times. then I had to balance myself without holding onto the bars - that was rough. Since I cannot feel my right side, and I don't know how to lean to the left, my therapist decided to place ankle weights on my left leg. I think it actually helped, I at least had a sense where my left foot was when I walked.

Jamie stopped by for a few moments before he he had to go to work, Susan stopped by and gave me an awesome pirate flag banner, which is now hanging across my window :-) She also gave me some more dark chocolate - I ate my last piece of the other one last night.

I'm all clean and tired, now if I could only find something good to watch on tv.....

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  1. Shelly does not state how much she has improved. She is going twice as far each day, as most of was would expect.