Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 31st

Wow, I am pooped! I had a full day of sessions. In occupational therapy, I had to stand up and fold a small basket of clothes. Right away the therapist told me that I was cheating by leaning against the table. I had to stand on my own while folding the clothes...well, that was interesting. I was wobbling and swaying all over the place, it felt like I was dancing, lol. It took me 7 min 40 secs to complete the task. Gues what James will be doing for a while :-)

Physical therapy was entertaining as well.I had to walk down the hallway using the rail (and a lot of assistance from the therapist). Next, I was hooked up to a pulley system in the ceiling. They placed a velcro vest around me and attached the wires to the pulley. They entered my weight, minus 20 lbs, and set it to catch me if I fall 6 inches. I had to walk, on my own, quite a distance - that was so scary. They kept telling me to lean to my left, but I just couldn't figure out how to. They placed a mirror in front of me & all I could do was laugh - I was leaning so far to the right, I looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

On a good note though, I can pretty much open my right eye all the way now. I still have double vision, but at least it is progress.

James is still holding down the homefront & visiting me daily. Joshua & Matt droppeed by & my sister Stacey came down from Maryland. She is going to help James shop for some items that I will need once I come home. My other sister, Kim, is going to come down when I come home, she is going to help me with the transistion.

The Warren family stopped by for a visit - I cannot believe that they did that on Jodie's last day before he leaves. I am truly honored - what a great family! Please keep them all in you prayers while Jodie is overseas!

Tomorrow, my team of doctors, nurses & therapists will meet to discuss my projected timeframe for completing in-patient therapy. So hopefully by tomorrow night, I'll have an idea when I may go home.

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