Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th Good Days and Bad Days

Yes, we have posted a few fun pics/comments - we try and find bright spots in the day ( it does help) but the day and night can go from good to bad in a very short amount of time and it can be scary.  Last night was not great - she could not sleep, felt sick and head hurt a lot.  We had to get up very early this morning for a 7:00 AM PT appt  - the real deal not her fake - I mean drill team - I mean her loving husband and sister so called PT team.  We left @ 6:00 AM and off to learn to walk, balance and stand we went.  Shelly was so tired but she did it - we showed Devin (her real PT) the pics from yesterday - he didn't quite know what to think  but he did laugh - I think we are winning him over with our charming ways :)  After PT we went for coffee and made a list of items we needed.  Shelly gave me her orders (she is so bossy) and were able to get what we needed.  We took a slight detour and saw Sgt. Douglas in the parking lot so we stopped to say hello - I am not sure what he thought of me or as Shelly told him I "pick on her". How she could ever say or think that I do not understand - maybe it is when she told him that I used paint brushes and played drums on her today as she was sitting in her wheelchair at Lowes- what can I say we were bored and I heard a good song. That is not picking on her - right????

Arriving back home she did not fell well again - sleep and meds helped.  We will see how the night goes.  This chapter will be a challenge but if you know Shelly then you know that she will forge ahead and go the extra mile to get back to her old self - she has too many plans and things that she needs to do ASAP!    Thanks for all of your support - you have no idea how much it means to us. It is not easy watching your baby sister struggle and not feel well but her sheer determination is amazing.  She looks at what she is gaining in movements and not what she has lost.  Her attitude goes a long way.  I (we) are so very proud of her.

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