Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today has been a very full day.  Visits by my fairy chocolate godmother Susan and my son Jamie made my day.  Then it all went south......Next up was my @ home PT lead by my drill team (sister & husband).  For some strange reason they thought it would be fun to blindfold me and make me drive the bulldozer - I don't understand them I am blinfolded - so I tried to escape but because I can't walk I didn't get that far- so for punishment they made me pull the bulldozer by a chain tied to my waist.  Isn't there some law against this?  Can someone talk to them please - now you know why I am trying to sell my sister (She is driving the bulldozer).  My husband I can't sell beacuse he is the only one who can wash my back the way I like it but he is pushing his luck :)


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  1. LOL! Too funny 'drill team'! That's some real butt-kicking PT, Shelly! Love that y'all did these pics. Ha!