Thursday, June 23, 2011

for not posting yesterday, but I was wiped out by the end of the day. I had a PT session yesterday and James was able to meet my trainer, Devin. I had to do another balance test, which was very difficult! I was surrounded by cutouts of mountains & I had to stand still on a board - then the mountains began to move! Well, needless to say, that freaked me out a bit & I practically jumped off the board, lol. I was able to try it two more times & I did better, but Devin still had to hold onto my belt so I wouldn't fall. The next next test, the floor moved....believe it or not, I passed that test (barely, but I did!).

Devin & James had a nice chat about my treatment plan. My insurance will only allow 30 visits. James told him how he was working with me at home & Devin said that was excellent, to keep it up - I'm not too happy about that, he works me to death! :-p     James also told him we have a membership to American Family Fitness. Devin said that he was very familiar with the equipment there & he would make out a workout schedule for me; that way we could spread out my PT visits longer, only using them for balance activities. We think that it is great how they are working with us to get the most out of my training! Devin said that if I keep doing what I'm doing now, he said that I will be back being a police officer - that was great to hear, because I had my doubts.

              Mural inside the entrance to Sheltering Arms (Behind the Chesterfield Police Department)

                                                       Devin & James - AKA the Evil Twins!

After PT, James took my sister Kim & I to Sweet Frogs! That was our first time there & it certainly won't be the last! I had the Cake Batter yogurt with blackberries & sprinkles - YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That night we had the most fabulous meal - Bill & Charlotte Hamby stopped by and delivered us a meal fit for an army from Romas! We each had a HUGE Italian dish, salad, and desert. We were all so stuffed, we could barely move!

My sister Kim had to leave a day early - today - to go back to work. We have certainly ;appreciated all her hard work. She cleaned my cabinets out, cleaned my house, painted my front door (a pretty red), helped me pick out a new paint color for my living room, drove me back and forth to my appointments, and lugged my wheelchair in & out of the vehicle (she is probably covered in bruises). She has been a great help.But  I'm confident now that I will be able to get around the house by myself with no problems  - I've promised James that I will behave while he is at work :-)       He will continue to stop in & check on me every chance he gets.

Today started off kinda rough, but after I took a 3 hour nap (crazy, right?) I felt a little better. Drill Sgt James made me do his PT. I had to walk a couple laps around the yard, then do 20 mins on the bicycle.

                                                        My baby girl, Mollie, protecting me!

After I was tortured, once again, we went Frank & Barbara's (James' parents) house for a delicious meal! Yes, I am getting spoiled! We had pot roast, squash casserole, sweet corn, pickled beets, fresh green beans with potatoes, and rolls. We were all too full for desert! It felt really nice being able to get out of the house.
Afterwards, we stopped by the Communications Office for a few mins. I walked in, with James holding onto my belt. I forgot that it was time for the Police Explorer's meeting, so I was able to say 'Hello" to them. I was kinda embarrassed for them seeing me like this. But, I guess it will be good for them to see someone trying overcome a difficult hardship...which I will!  I was also able to see Sgt. Douglas, Officer Talley, Lt. Burroughs, Kari, Sherita, and the three new Communication Officers - LOL, I could imagine what they think of me :-)

I will continue to update this blog on a regular basis, but I may skip a day or two in between - it will be q\uite boring....PT, eat, PT, eat, PT, eat....oh, and I'll throw somw sleep in there somewhere! I promise to work my hardest toward a full recovery. It has been a struggle, but it's one worth taking!

Thanks for all of your continued support - hugs & kisses to all!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today was very busy with freinds and family stopping by to see me.  Judy Chalkley (with the best mac & cheese I have ever had & meat loaf- yum!) Alan Foster -with a case of water the only refreshments I am allowed to have right now - next time we will share a golden beverage.  Kim enjoyed taking a stroll down memeory lane with Alan they went to high school together, Joshua (my son), Sue, Kimmy, Elizabeth, Lydia Brockwell also stopped in to see me. Mollie loved giving baby Lydia lots of kisses. Kim hung my new curtains and painted swatches on the wall for us to choose a new paint color.  Jamie arrives on Friday to paint after he takes me to PT - I can't wait to get rid of the hosiptal color.  James wants to know why we have so many dents in the hallway I told him that I am giving the walls the textured look - my walker is helping me.

My at home PT drill team (Kim & James) took me for a walk today.  Yes folks I am "walking" - really it looks like I am surfing and James holds me by my belt but in my book it is walking to me.  I can't wait to get rid of my wheelchair and walker - SOON!  My reward was a nice glass of ice tea with 2 lemon slices.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th Good Days and Bad Days

Yes, we have posted a few fun pics/comments - we try and find bright spots in the day ( it does help) but the day and night can go from good to bad in a very short amount of time and it can be scary.  Last night was not great - she could not sleep, felt sick and head hurt a lot.  We had to get up very early this morning for a 7:00 AM PT appt  - the real deal not her fake - I mean drill team - I mean her loving husband and sister so called PT team.  We left @ 6:00 AM and off to learn to walk, balance and stand we went.  Shelly was so tired but she did it - we showed Devin (her real PT) the pics from yesterday - he didn't quite know what to think  but he did laugh - I think we are winning him over with our charming ways :)  After PT we went for coffee and made a list of items we needed.  Shelly gave me her orders (she is so bossy) and were able to get what we needed.  We took a slight detour and saw Sgt. Douglas in the parking lot so we stopped to say hello - I am not sure what he thought of me or as Shelly told him I "pick on her". How she could ever say or think that I do not understand - maybe it is when she told him that I used paint brushes and played drums on her today as she was sitting in her wheelchair at Lowes- what can I say we were bored and I heard a good song. That is not picking on her - right????

Arriving back home she did not fell well again - sleep and meds helped.  We will see how the night goes.  This chapter will be a challenge but if you know Shelly then you know that she will forge ahead and go the extra mile to get back to her old self - she has too many plans and things that she needs to do ASAP!    Thanks for all of your support - you have no idea how much it means to us. It is not easy watching your baby sister struggle and not feel well but her sheer determination is amazing.  She looks at what she is gaining in movements and not what she has lost.  Her attitude goes a long way.  I (we) are so very proud of her.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today has been a very full day.  Visits by my fairy chocolate godmother Susan and my son Jamie made my day.  Then it all went south......Next up was my @ home PT lead by my drill team (sister & husband).  For some strange reason they thought it would be fun to blindfold me and make me drive the bulldozer - I don't understand them I am blinfolded - so I tried to escape but because I can't walk I didn't get that far- so for punishment they made me pull the bulldozer by a chain tied to my waist.  Isn't there some law against this?  Can someone talk to them please - now you know why I am trying to sell my sister (She is driving the bulldozer).  My husband I can't sell beacuse he is the only one who can wash my back the way I like it but he is pushing his luck :)


Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there! I want to especially want to wish my wonderful & loving husband Happy Father's Day. I love you James! XOXO.   He has stood by me through thick & thin. His patience is truly being tested these past few days since I have been home, but he has handled it like a trooper! He is also a wonderful husband to his two sons & two step-sons!

With my sister in town, we decided to visit our Dad's gravesite at Merchants Hope - it is hard to believe that it has been 22 years since our Daddy "Chookie" died.  We also took the time to visit our sister Lisa's gravesite and Grandparents Dottie and Albert. We miss them all dearly.

Words to the wise, do not ever take a second for granted. Enjoy to smell of fresh cut grass, listen closely to nature's marvelous sounds, and stop saying "one day I want to do that" - today is the day! No reservations...
And always, always, be thankful for what you do have. I am truly blessed!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

July 18

Drill Master James Crowder - I mean my loving wonderful husband - drilled - I mean assisted me with loving kindness with my at home PT.  James held me by me stabality belt so that I would not fall and I "walked" up and down my front steps (all 4) four times and then holding on to the front porch rail "walked" sideways four times back and forth and since that was not enough 15 minutes on a sit down bike. Resting the rest of the day with Mollie and Zack standing (I mean sleeping on my lap) guard.  Kim is be a good girl and following my instructions (I mean orders) to a tee. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

July 17 2nd Day Home

My sister Kim is with me - she is beautiful, talented, funny, smart and single - anyone out there? I am trying to sell her to pay my hospital bills-you would like her a lot - I do!
Started with outpatient PT - my PT did not fully understand our humor (Kim) she was trying to tell him or sing that I moved like a cyclone-some song she heard her girls sing - we thought it was funny.  After PT Kim took me shopping with stops at Lowes, Kohls, and my second home CVS where I picked up a huge batch of shots.  Kim is getting excellent at giving me my shots in my tummy and she really seems to enjoy it.  She also enjoys seeing how far and fast my wheelchair will roll - after she placed me in the car she forgot to put on the brakes and had to chase the wheelchair across the parking lot - good thing I wasn't in it although she did try one time :).  We picked up paint color chips (Jamie is going to paint my living room), a soft squishy pillow, front door mat, fern for the porch, and a few dresses -easy to get on and off. A very productive and full day. To top off the day when we returned home a package from my mom was waiting for me - a box of See's Candies.