Friday, June 17, 2011

July 17 2nd Day Home

My sister Kim is with me - she is beautiful, talented, funny, smart and single - anyone out there? I am trying to sell her to pay my hospital bills-you would like her a lot - I do!
Started with outpatient PT - my PT did not fully understand our humor (Kim) she was trying to tell him or sing that I moved like a cyclone-some song she heard her girls sing - we thought it was funny.  After PT Kim took me shopping with stops at Lowes, Kohls, and my second home CVS where I picked up a huge batch of shots.  Kim is getting excellent at giving me my shots in my tummy and she really seems to enjoy it.  She also enjoys seeing how far and fast my wheelchair will roll - after she placed me in the car she forgot to put on the brakes and had to chase the wheelchair across the parking lot - good thing I wasn't in it although she did try one time :).  We picked up paint color chips (Jamie is going to paint my living room), a soft squishy pillow, front door mat, fern for the porch, and a few dresses -easy to get on and off. A very productive and full day. To top off the day when we returned home a package from my mom was waiting for me - a box of See's Candies. 

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  1. Glad to hear you are getting around. Still praying for you. Love you Shelly and good luck selling your sister, just kidding.