Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12th

I dad a quiet, peaceful night.I had an hour of OT right after breakfast. Afterwards, I took an hour nap - still very sore from yesterday's PT session. After lunch I had an hour of PT. She took it pretty easy on me today - I walked quite a bit with the walker, climbed stairs, and practiced walking to chairs & sitting down. I ended the session with 15 mins on the leg bicycle.

James worked hard at home, rearranging my excercise room so that I can get in & out easily with my wheelchair. He sounded exhausted & was getting ready for work - he said that he is looking forward to work so that he can rest, LOL!

I had several visitors today, they actually came about the same time. Christina Baxley & Sean Moore dropped by and gave me a box of chocolate covered strawberries & bananas from Edible Arrangements. OMG, I ate one of each after dinner and they were delicious!

Susan & Noel Watson stopped by for a visit too. They gave me some more dark chocolate -I just ran out (AGAIN), Susan has been doing a great job keeping me stocked! :-)  I am getting SO spoiled!!!!!
I have a feeling that I will not be able to get much sleep due to a sugar high :-))))

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