Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11th

I slept well last night. James came during breakfast & was able to watch my PT session. I had a diffirent therapist today & she was brutal, lol. I began by walking a little bit with my walker, then I had one hour of excercises on a mat. I had to kneel on all fours & had to balance on alternate hands & legs and hold it - ugh! Then I had to kneel upright & stay there while I hit a baloon & ball back & forth to the PT assistant. butt muscles are sooooo sore! The plan was for me to walk back to my room, using the walker; but, my legs were shaking too much from excercise that I couldn't make it very far. I was laughing because my legs looked funny shaking so bad :-)  The session was rough, but I actually enjoyed it.

After my PT session, I was done with training for the day. I have my room all to myself now. After lunch, I took a two hour nap - and it felt great!

I received a wonderful card today from the Prince George Animal Shelter gang. They are so awesome - In lieu of flowers, they made a $50 donation to one of my favorite charities - The Special Olympics. How cool is that?!!!!!

After dinner, I sat by my window and watched a storm roll in; I love thunderstorms.
As I was getting ready to get in bed, I saw that an "unknown fairy" placed a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies & a Divine Icy Wine mixture (can't wait to try it!) by my beside. Thank you!!!

Now I am all snuggled in my bed & expecting another good night :-)

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