Thursday, June 23, 2011

for not posting yesterday, but I was wiped out by the end of the day. I had a PT session yesterday and James was able to meet my trainer, Devin. I had to do another balance test, which was very difficult! I was surrounded by cutouts of mountains & I had to stand still on a board - then the mountains began to move! Well, needless to say, that freaked me out a bit & I practically jumped off the board, lol. I was able to try it two more times & I did better, but Devin still had to hold onto my belt so I wouldn't fall. The next next test, the floor moved....believe it or not, I passed that test (barely, but I did!).

Devin & James had a nice chat about my treatment plan. My insurance will only allow 30 visits. James told him how he was working with me at home & Devin said that was excellent, to keep it up - I'm not too happy about that, he works me to death! :-p     James also told him we have a membership to American Family Fitness. Devin said that he was very familiar with the equipment there & he would make out a workout schedule for me; that way we could spread out my PT visits longer, only using them for balance activities. We think that it is great how they are working with us to get the most out of my training! Devin said that if I keep doing what I'm doing now, he said that I will be back being a police officer - that was great to hear, because I had my doubts.

              Mural inside the entrance to Sheltering Arms (Behind the Chesterfield Police Department)

                                                       Devin & James - AKA the Evil Twins!

After PT, James took my sister Kim & I to Sweet Frogs! That was our first time there & it certainly won't be the last! I had the Cake Batter yogurt with blackberries & sprinkles - YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That night we had the most fabulous meal - Bill & Charlotte Hamby stopped by and delivered us a meal fit for an army from Romas! We each had a HUGE Italian dish, salad, and desert. We were all so stuffed, we could barely move!

My sister Kim had to leave a day early - today - to go back to work. We have certainly ;appreciated all her hard work. She cleaned my cabinets out, cleaned my house, painted my front door (a pretty red), helped me pick out a new paint color for my living room, drove me back and forth to my appointments, and lugged my wheelchair in & out of the vehicle (she is probably covered in bruises). She has been a great help.But  I'm confident now that I will be able to get around the house by myself with no problems  - I've promised James that I will behave while he is at work :-)       He will continue to stop in & check on me every chance he gets.

Today started off kinda rough, but after I took a 3 hour nap (crazy, right?) I felt a little better. Drill Sgt James made me do his PT. I had to walk a couple laps around the yard, then do 20 mins on the bicycle.

                                                        My baby girl, Mollie, protecting me!

After I was tortured, once again, we went Frank & Barbara's (James' parents) house for a delicious meal! Yes, I am getting spoiled! We had pot roast, squash casserole, sweet corn, pickled beets, fresh green beans with potatoes, and rolls. We were all too full for desert! It felt really nice being able to get out of the house.
Afterwards, we stopped by the Communications Office for a few mins. I walked in, with James holding onto my belt. I forgot that it was time for the Police Explorer's meeting, so I was able to say 'Hello" to them. I was kinda embarrassed for them seeing me like this. But, I guess it will be good for them to see someone trying overcome a difficult hardship...which I will!  I was also able to see Sgt. Douglas, Officer Talley, Lt. Burroughs, Kari, Sherita, and the three new Communication Officers - LOL, I could imagine what they think of me :-)

I will continue to update this blog on a regular basis, but I may skip a day or two in between - it will be q\uite boring....PT, eat, PT, eat, PT, eat....oh, and I'll throw somw sleep in there somewhere! I promise to work my hardest toward a full recovery. It has been a struggle, but it's one worth taking!

Thanks for all of your continued support - hugs & kisses to all!

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