Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd

Finally! I has a good night's sleep. Today was a better day. I started out with Occupational Therapy at 7am. I had to stand & place quotations on large clothes pins & place them on metal bars - it was actually tiring. I had to take a few breaks, but stood 20-30 mins at a time. Sometimes I would get a little off balance when I had to place the clothes pins on the top bars - this excercise lasted 1 1/2 hours. Next, I went to Physical Therapy and did a lot of walking with crutches & then a walker. While on the cruthces, I have a better sense of my balance, but I tire so quickly. I feel more stable using the walker, but tend to use baby steps. So, I guess its good that I use both.

Chief Frankenstein & Capt. Young stopped by for a visit & gave me a hard time as usual, lol :-)
I honestly cannot wait to get back to work, hopefully I will make a quick, full recovery!

James came by just in time for my afternoon Physical Therapy session (only 1/2 hour). He was able to see my progress & the therapist gave him some suggestions when I go home. It was funny, I was taking baby steps with the walker & James told me I couldn't catch bad guys that way! No worries, once I get my eyesight right & neck brace off, there will be no holding me back! Before its all over with, I will be running circles around him....heeheeheehee

Barbara packed James a nice dinner and he sat with me at dinner. Afterwards, he signed me out & took me for another stroll outside - such a beautiful day!! We ended our outing at the garden patio - we sat there for a little while, I ate the watermelon that Kuykendall gave me - yumm yum :-)
James brought me back to my room & helped me get ready for thr night.  I'm all comfy now & ready for a good night's rest!

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  1. It was so nice to see you more lively tonight than the last couple. I guess a good nights sleep can make a great difference. Hope you sleep as good tonight.