Friday, June 10, 2011

Jan 10th

I had a late night visit from da boyz - Jamie, Joshua, and Matt. They are such goofballs and keep me laughing.

I had PT right after breakfast this morning. I worked on the Zero-G, but had a bad morning, I just couldn't keep my balance very well. But, toward the end of the session, I began to get my stride.

After lunch, I had another PT session (1/2 hour). I worked on my balance. I stand on a board that has markings to place my feet. They pick a balance "game" - its very similar to Wii Fit. I look at the tv screen & have to try to hold my balance inside a small box, sometimes I have to move back & forth from box to box. Once the time is up, my motion is tracked on the screen by lines. Last week my result looked like abstract art, all over the place. Today looked much better.
The PT intern asked me if she could use me as a case study for her graduate class at ODU. I said yes & she was very excited.

Once my PT session was over, I had 1 1/2 hours of OT. I began with 3 sessions of the arm bicycle (increased resistance a lot) for 5 mins each. Then into the kitchen I went.... I made chocolate muffins :-)
Luckily I had a basket on my walker so that I could carry the ingredients from the refridgerator! While the muffins were baking, I did arm & shoulder excercises. Then I took the muffins out of the oven, put them into a bowel & took them to my room to munch on :-)  Oh, I had to wash dishes 1st.

Dotty Brewer & her friend, Jeanie (I hope I remembered the name correctly) stopped by. Dotty gave me a book entitled "Pug Mugs - Good Pugs Gone Bad". I love it, it is hilarious! It has pictures of Pugs & the "crimes" they committed.

At dinner, I found out that seven people graduate tomorrow, they get to go home. That will only leave a handful of patients here - but, several more are expected to come Sunday & Monday. My roomate is one of those leaving tomorrow.

Wow, my body is sore from all the excercises & my neck is hurting a little. No worries, its all growing pains. But, still looking forward to my pain meds tonight :-)

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  1. Didn't get there to see you today but I was busy getting things in order around the house. I know how you like to smell the fresh cut grass but it couldn't wait for you to come home. See you in the morning.