Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sheltering Arms Day 1

       May 27th was Shelly's first day of boot camp.  She did not have a great start to the day.  They came and got her at 8:30, told her to get dressed because she was late for breakfast.  Then she was pushed in the wheelchair to the front of the mirror so she could brush her teeth.  The nurse said she would be back in a minute, 45 minutes later a doctor found her.  She fell asleep in the wheelchair.  There were a lot of sessions of physical therapy and speech therapy.  She said she got a 100 percent on everything and they said she was very intelligent.  "LOL boy do I got them fooled"  Shelly can still only swallow a little bit.  It turns out that trying to learn how to walk again is not very fun.  They had her walk down the hallway holding the guardrail. "That was scary"  She can stand if she leans on something.  She was in sessions from 7 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.
      "I get to sit at the special table at lunch"  Mr. Morris and Shelly both sit at the special table in the dining hall because they need supervision.  "It was a shocker the first time she ate there because everybody was at least 70 and I'm the baby.  Its really cool watching people graduate.  They talk about going home and the older men flirt with the nurses"  James came down and they went downstairs and got some blackberries and ate them in the garden.  Shelly has a roommate and she is quite the snore machine.  Although it started out bad, the day got better and she says that she will learn a lot, but has a long road ahead of her.   "I want to thank everybody for the flowers and the cards"  She tried to type all of this up yesterday but after 30 minutes of typing it didn't take so I am trying to recreate it. 

     Shelly is really excited because Molly will be visiting this afternoon.  She will have a lot to update after the visit from her favorite pug.
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