Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday May 23rd

Last night was a rough night again. Coughing and lots of hiccups. Just as Shelly was falling asleep at 7am she was brought down for another CAT scan. She said the dye they injected for the scan burned really bad and made her scream. She was then brought back up to the room and received more shots. Shelly was feeling really rough this morning and was dizzy and sick.  As the day went on she started feeling better and is now feeling pretty good.  Shelly received flowers today from the Warren family and Peterson family. She had great company today that lifter her spirits. Her sons Jamie and Joshua, Mother-in-law Barbara and Niece Laura baby sit her while James ran a few errands today. Family friend Karla Gerner stopped by with a huge bag full of goodies. Shelly's doctor wanted her to wear a gauze patch with tape over her right eye to help with the double vision but hurts her face really bad. Her friend Susan stopped by to visit and brought her an eye patch that they both got from a beer festival last year and she said it works perfectly and has no pain with it on.
Shelly and Susan with there eye patches on! The patches say Aargh!


  1. YAY! Im so glad to hear about your progress! Im coming to see you saturday and brining you some goodies. If you have any special requests of what you would like just let me know. I can't wait to see you and keep up the good work :-) love and miss you

  2. Shelly I know how strong of a person you are. Remember, endure to the end. Love you