Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Updates

                                          Shelly with her new hairstyle

Shelly with all her gizmos overhead

Shelly is very happy because she got a bath and her hair washed.  Nurse Clara gave her the bath early this morning and also put some good smelling lotions on her. She also put pigtails in Shelly's hair.  Last night James got into trouble for walking without shoes from a scary nurse.  Today guess who Shelly's nurse is ... thats right, one and the same.  She is actually a very great nurse but has given me a hard time about being a Cowboys fan.  Shelly is still having trouble swallowing.  They are giving her a Monday deadline before they put in a feeding tube.  We are still very hopeful that she will be able to swallow before it gets to that.  Shelly says she will be eating skittles by Monday.

1 comment:

  1. love the new "do" girl!! gonna start calling you Pipi Longstocking :) Dont let that nurse give you too hard of a time for being a Cowboys fan. If you need some backup against her just let me know.:)