Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shelly Tries to Escape

  Shelly still has not spoken to her neurologist yet, but the results of her MRI were posted on the computer and looked stable.  She has been cleared for physical therapy.  The blood doctor came in last night and took blood and it will take two weeks to come back.  The physical therapist came in this morning.  They have been following her case for two days and can't wait for her to come over.  They have her schedule all planned out for her.  Five hours a day of grueling physical and occupational therapy.  She is ready to meet the challenge.  "As long as they got good drugs"  While she is in this room they are coming in a few minutes each day.  This morning they took her in the hallway.  She had an american flag belt on that they used to help stable her while she was walking.  She thought she was going to just walk to the door and when they opened it she says her heart about dropped.  Of course she did great.  She walked about twenty feet and was dog tired when she got back. 

First time in the hallway without being on a gurney

Ready to get back to bed until next time

Update by Matt, photography by James


  1. That's awesome Shelly!!! I see the pirate patch from Heavy Seas is still working! Let me know if you need a replacement, I have at least a couple more, and might be able to get even more patches tomorrow at Once Upon A Vine South! Great to see you getting around! :)

  2. aaaaannnd she's off! lookin great girl!!! i know u must have been very happy to be outta that bed! keep up the great work! :)